Summer is coming

With the weather about to start to improve for the better, we are looking forward to opening the Cariad Terrace.

Like most operations in business, we have to think about the practicalities of the area from a service and offering point of view.

We have decided that the Terrace seats will be unreserved, and we will offer our tapas menu and drinks outside.

The main inside area will remain the same and bookings are being taken and we would recommend you book in advance as our service is very popular.

If in the likely event the weather turns the Terrace will close, but due to the inside being booked we will not be able to offer further accommodation to those people on the Terrace we just don’t have the capacity.

We anticipate the Terrace to be busy this weekend with our man Derek forecasting some very pleasant weather indeed.

Cariad always tries to apply common sense and logic to everything we do and as always, we will monitor the usage and operations and make any changes necessary to ensure we provide quality service that we pride ourselves on.

Thanks again for the support and we look forward to seeing you in the sun.

Denise & Julian

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