Working Together

As many of our friends and customers know we are always looking to improve the service and offering for our customers. Denise & I constantly sit down and talk at the end of a night and discuss with our customers what they like and what they dislike. Thankfully there isn’t too much you dislike.

One area that constantly has come up is the fact we offer a counter service and the preferred option is table service. When we designed Cariad it was done so based on people coming to the bar to place their orders like many other bars and restaurants. The issue is though due to the size of the venue and its success which means our occupancy is through the roof it is seen to have a negative effect by some.

On the back of this feedback, we will trial table service until the end of this month and we have invested in handheld ordering pads, so we can provide a quick and efficient service.

We will however still have counter service for our daytime service.

Also we will be changing the booking system to try and ensure again we keep the experience and quality to a premium. We will no longer be taking bookings of 6 or more on a Friday and Saturday evenings, we want to keep the experience right and the noise levels in a small venue can be off-putting for some. We will however except large parties on a Wednesday and Thursday evening. We will also honour all existing bookings for large parties.

Friday and Saturday nights will be adults only as well with under18’s able to book on Wednesday and Thursday nights only.

In short, we will be trialling table service in the evenings from this week

We will not be accepting bookings of more than 6 on Friday and Saturday nights

Group bookings and children can book on Wednesday and Thursday evenings only.

As always, we want to thank everyone for their custom and friendship and we hope these changes will further enhance the dining experience.


Denise & Julian

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